A Healthy City

Southern city charm lies in a balance between vibrant, mixed-use areas and the sort of “slow living” that emphasizes hospitality and concern for one another’s well-being. We should continue to create this culture in Raleigh, and make sure that the lives of those who live in Raleigh are happier and healthier because they live in Raleigh. Better infrastructure inculcates better citizenry, and better citizenry leads to more people of Raleigh to stay and work in Raleigh.


  • More free green spaces, playgrounds, and fitness facilities designed for both children and adults.

  • Improve/access greenways and pedestrian walkways, and make sure they are safe and well-lit.

  • Subsidize organized sports fees for low-income families.

  • Make Raleigh greener, happier, and healthier by adding recreational public spaces.

We can make living in Raleigh more beautiful by adding more green spaces along pedestrian pathways. We can give parents outdoor places where both they and their children can play and be active such as free outdoor gyms. And we should make it easier and safer for cyclists and pedestrians to get around by extending the greenway to poorly connected communities, and by reclaiming wasted space — like road medians — so that they can be used as urban parks and pathways for pedestrians and cyclists.

Spaces such as these make it easier for residents to stay active, as well as serve for inclusive meeting spaces where we can be among those with shared interests. This helps foster a sense of community and identity in those who live here.